Great Review for Princess Pumpalot

Great review from the Primary Times for....

Princess Pumpalot: The Quest for the Purple Super-Farting Bean

Princess Pumpalot: The Quest for the Purple Super-Farting Bean is a bit like Ronseal - 'it does exactly what it says on the tin'. There's no hiding the attraction in this show, and let's face it which child doesn't like talking about and hearing pumps and farts?!

The stage area is very small in the style of an old-fashioned radio set, with a few props on a table. The lighting is very subdued and the venue has a Baroque feeling with red chandeliers, gold ceiling and mirrored walls. The 'Fart, fart, fart' song introduces us to one of the three characters - 'Guffy' who is Princess Pumpalot's best friend, then 'Cookie crumble' the Chef, and finally the Princess herself. Although, Cookie Crumble dresses up in many accessories to play the other parts in the Princess's radio play - including the baddies 'Prince Nastavia' and the 'Low-flying gnome'.

The Princess shows us exactly what happens when she eats the red bean 'big noisy fart' and the green bean 'silent but violent fart'. There were screams of laughter from the kids at these great moments of physical comedy. Guffy and the Princess follow the clues to try and find the whereabouts of the purple bean within 'Whiffyville', meeting various characters along the way. The jokes come thick and fast - 'gallery of modern fart', 'farting bureau of investigation', 'strictly come farting' and ‘sweetfart’ instead of ‘sweetheart’.

There is a large part of audience participation to keep the kids happy including dancing, chanting words, booing, doing the butterfly swimming stroke and even a bit of maths! There is also some adult humour tucked away too – Wind in the Willows quotes, plus zero hours contracts and Adrian Mole jokes. The biggest cheers came when the kids were asked to help get rid of the gnome by standing up, turning round and farting at him till he blew off the stage.

Hailey (8) and Isla (7) were two very happy young customers who spent the rest of the day concentrating very hard to emulate their heroine!

Children's Quotes

Hailey aged 8 thought the show was “pumptastic” and “fartazing”, whilst Isla aged 7 said, “Guffy and Princess Pumpalot were amazing” and “I loved doing all the silly things in the show”