Year of production: 
Running time: 
3 minutes
Andrew T. Henderson
Robin Mitchell

This is a short behind-the-scenes documentary about the work of the legendary 'Jumper-Ooters' of Edinburgh, the characters who haunt the nightly Witchery Tours of the capital’s Old Town.

Established in 1984, the Witchery Tours have been scaring people from all over the world (and closer to home) almost every night for quarter of a century.

The film features Liam Kirkaldy as the ‘jumper-Ooter’ and Euan MacInnes playing the part of the pale-faced phantom Adam Lyal (deceased). Euan also features heavily in the documentary The Scottish Parliament: Following the Ghost Road.

Jumper-Ooter was directed by BAFTA-nominated Andrew T. Henderson.

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