Princess Pumpalot: A Perfect Fit

You know someone is destined to play the part of Princess Pumpalot when the costume fits like a glove. Stepping out of the shadows to play Princess Pumpalot in Princess Pumpalot: The Radio Show — Live On Stage! at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the very talented Julie Heatherill.

Julie graduated with a BA Acting degree from Glasgow’s Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama (RSAMD) in 2007. After gaining a great deal of professional experience, she went back to pursue her other love in life: dancing. In 2010 she graduated once again, this time gaining her BTEC in Dance and an A in Higher Dance.

Julie recently performed in Starbird, a co-production between Mull Theatre and Toto Tales, a National Tour of Scotland, Highlands and the Islands.

Previous theatre credits include Carnegie (Ian Hammond Brown), Aladdin (Howden Park Theatre), The Little Mermaid (On in Fife), Cinderella (Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh), Silence in Court (Emerald Blue Productions, Edinburgh Fringe), Cross Currents (Telford Dance College, Edinburgh), Beneath You: Spider Girls are Everywhere (Birds of Paradise Theatre Company, National Tour), All’s Well that Ends Well (Arches Theatre, Glasgow/RSC Complete Works Festival).

At the first ever script read-through of Princess Pumpalot: The Farting Princess in 2013, Julie read the part of Princess Pumpalot. It's great she's finally able to play the role, reuniting with Director, Liam Rudden. #Fart2016.