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Going to a Child Contact Centre

We have just finished our short animation film, Going to a Child Contact Centre which can be viewed HERE.

The film describes the experience of four children attending a Child Contact Centre in Scotland. The Edinburgh animator, Jim Stirk created the animation from a script by Charlene Kelly and original artwork by David Trujillo-Farley.

Going to a Child Contact Centre is one of a series of films we have produced in association with Freedonia Films for Relationships Scotland including Child Contact in Scotland:Supported and Child Contact in Scotland:Supervised.



Short Films on Vimeo

Our short documentary films The Rest is Silence and Breadmakers can now be viewed on the Scottish Documentary Institute's Vimeo website.

The Rest is Silence follows the course of an unidentified body through its progress from discovery to burial.

Click HERE to view The Rest is Silence.

At a unique Edinburgh bakery, a community of workers with learning disabilities makes a variety of organic breads for daily delivery to shops and cafes in the city.

Click HERE to view Breadmakers.


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