Version 3.0 - Did you miss us?

Welcome back! Did you get along OK for three days without us?

Our sincere apologies for the not-entirely-planned hiatus of this website. Something went "plink" in server-land, but we're back now and all the better for a wee rest.

See, it so happens that our web developers (the human kind, not spiders) were already cooking up a little surprise down in their heavily-guarded skunkworks: this, the second major revision to our humble hypertextual home.

As the refit was nearing completion, we sweetened them up with a few extra-juicy paralysed bluebottles if they'd kindly get their spinnerets out and move up the schedule a little. (Claims that we threatened to sluice them back down the bath-plughole if they didn't comply are unsubstantiable and without merit.)

Those eight-eyed wonders got weaving, and we're very pleased with the results you now find unexpectedly draped across your face. Everything is more-or-less where we left it, but our handy new search engine should make finding it all even easier. All finished with a new lick of paint for a new decade (although we're not sure which decade).

We hope you're as excited as we are to immerse yourself in Version 3.0, code-named "A Big Boy Done It And Ran Away".