Our Stage Manager is a Bean!

We’re thrilled to have the multi-skilled Sabina C. Smith as our Stage Manager for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe run of Princess Pumpalot: The Quest for the Purple Super-Farting Bean at Le Monde in George Street.

Not only is Sabina a multi-talented technician but she also has the perfect nickname for our show and that nickname (drum roll) is BEAN. You couldn’t make it up. Well, you could but sometimes fact is better than fiction.

BEAN has worked in a number of roles in the theatre over the years including as Assistant Stage Manager, Deputy Stage Manager, Stage Manager, Production Manager and with our production - THE BOSS. It would take too long to list Bean’s production credits as she’s worked in Many (many) theatres including the Adam Smith in Kirkcaldy, Edinburgh’s Playhouse, the Traverse Theatre and His Majesty’s Theatre in Aberdeen. She’s also toured extensively in the UK and the rest of Europe.

BEAN is great. She keeps us in check and yes, we will stack the costumes and props boxes in the right place after the show.

Here’s to #Fart2018 and beyond...