Beverley Nichols by William McLaren

The portrait of Beverley Nichols with his cat Santa by William McLaren is to go on display for the first time at the Orleans House Gallery as part of their 'Collection Curiosities' exhibition. This news is relevant to us as we made a documentary film about McLaren in 2010 entitled William McLaren: An Artist Out Of Time.

Many of the exhibits from the Richmond Borough Art Collection have never been shown before, kept hidden from public view – until now. The interactive exhibition asks visitors to comment, query, and share their knowledge about the objects and collections on display. You'll be able to see the Hammersmith ghost, Burton’s human bone necklace, and many more curiosities.

The free exhibition takes place from the 25th August to the 25th November at the Orleans House Gallery, Riverside, Twickenham.

More details HERE: The Orleans House Gallery