New Princess Pumpalot Book Published - Media Release

A new children's book, Princess Pumpalot: The Super-Farting Bean Mystery, is to be published this week. Written in the style of a screenplay by children's author Robin Mitchell, Princess Pumpalot: The Super-Farting Bean Mystery is the second book in the Princess Pumpalot series.

What's the story?

Can Princess Pumpalot (The Farting Princess) and her best friend Guffy solve the mystery of the priceless purple super-farting bean? Aided by a set of bizarre clues from some of Wiffyville's more unusual residents including a werewolf, a mummy and a prisoner that isn't a prisoner, Princess Pumpalot and Guffy embark on a mind-boggling adventure to solve this 'whodunit'. On route, the brave duo are confronted at regular intervals by their arch enemies – Prince Nastavia and the Low-Flying Gnomes. Will Princess Pumpalot and Guffy succeed in their quest?

The first book in the series, Princess Pumpalot (The Farting Princess), introduced the public to a peculiar collection of inhabitants in the fictional world of Wiffyville including Low-Flying Gnomes and since then the characters from Princess Pumpalot have appeared at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in stage shows based on the original book. The 2017 Edinburgh Festival Fringe production (which takes place at Le Monde in George Street) is based on Robin's new book.

Robin Mitchell said, "I'm amazed how popular Princess Pumpalot has become. Thankfully this is not a scratch and sniff book". I've deliberately written the book in the style of a screenplay to encourage children to take parts and read out loud. After the amazing success of the previous stage shows it seemed only sensible to base the 2017 Fringe show on the new book.

Author – Robin Mitchell

Robin Mitchell co-founded Edinburgh's original walking tour company, The Cadies & Witchery Tours in 1984 and has been a partner in this successful Edinburgh business ever since. He has written one novel - Grave Robbers, the top selling guide book What's Under the Kilt? and the children's books Princess Pumpalot (The Farting Princess) and Princess Pumpalot: The Super-Farting Bean Mystery.

Illustrations by Keli Clark

Keli Clark is one of Edinburgh's and East Lothian's better known artists. Keli's work encompasses a wide and varied range from: Scottish land and cityscapes, murals, works of magic and mystery, faeries, cats and birds. After this commission Keli can add a mummy, a werewolf and a bearded witch to her portfolio!

Keli Clark said, "I was delighted to be commissioned to illustrate the new Princess Pumpalot book. It was great to exercise my creative mind on completely new characters. You're not asked every day to draw the Toilet of Truth!"

Book Specifications:

Title: Princess Pumpalot: The Super-Farting Bean Mystery

Author: Robin Mitchell

Illustrator: Keli Clark

Publisher: The Cadies & Witchery Tours

Paperback: 128pp / h198mm x 128mm

Illustrations: Colour cover and 21 black & white illustrations

ISBN: 978-0-9522927-6-0 / Price: £6.99