Review of The Download Horror

This is a review of The Download Horror (2012) by DreadWorld.

Finding a new, unique angle in todays world of 24/7 at your fingers media is something that's becoming more and more difficult. So when you find something that really tries to be different, you have to give it some kudos, even if by trying to be different, it borrows from something all to familiar.

'The Download Horror' is a neat little experiment out of Scotland, that attempts to revive the old Mystery Science Theater 3000 formula with a couple of foul mouthed Scotsmen. Dougie and Robbo live for the exploitation films, especially those sent to them by the mysterious Big Al. His latest is a dark, modern day cult driven film called 'Sacrificed'. Throwing on 'Sacrificed' the good guys from the land of Loch Ness do what the do best, lampoon the film and pine for boobies while showing an understated respect for the genre at the same time (kind of like what we do here at the DW).

'Sacrificed' itself looks like an intriguing film in its own right. In fact, there were times I found myself more interested in what was going on in 'Sacrifice' than what Dougie or Robbo were saying. Therein lies the problem with 'The Download Horror', 'Sacrificed' is the wrong film for this type of experiment. Make no mistake about it, 'Sacrificed' is not a good film, but there is just enough interesting stuff going on to peak your interest and make you wish the guys would be quiet for a bit. The other main issue with the film is that Dougie and Robbos schtick tends to get a little old after a while, especially for American ears. I'm sure there were plenty of jokes that I just plain missed simply because I'm not an expert in Scottish colloquialisms.

That being said, Dougie and Robbo are genuinely funny and there are more than a few laugh out loud funny moments. I had a blast listening to these guys watch a film. It would be extremely interesting seeing the next chapter in the Dougie and Robbo story, especially if given a worse film to watch.

'The Download Horror' is available on UK distribution site Distrify for either rent or purchase. Check it out and support some quality independent horror!