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Breadmakers at Viscult Festival

Breadmakers has been selected for the seventh annual International Festival of Visual Culture in Joensuu, Finland, which will take place between September 26th and 30th 2007. The main theme of Viscult 2007 festival is "Daily Bread".

The Festival of Visual Culture is a personal event with the majority of filmmakers present to introduce their work encouraging the opportunity for profound discussions of the films, film-making, and culture. The festival is also in close co-operation with the University of Joensuu and its students.

Through the years Viscult, the Finnish film festival, introducing ethnographic, anthropological and documentary films, has seen many great filmmakers and visual anthropologists such as Asen Balikci, Peter Biella, Gary Kildea, David MacDougall, Colette Piault, Faye Ginsburg, Judith Okely and Jay Ruby among many others.

The festival in Joensuu, which is located near the Russian border in Finland, is known for its warm and intimate atmosphere and, of course, the Finnish sauna.

Edinburgh City Guide with Adam Lyal (deceased) (DVD)

Edinburgh City Guide with Adam Lyal (deceased) (DVD)This DVD presentation collects together two feature-length volumes of Adam Lyal's (mis)adventures in old Edinburgh, Adam Lyal's Royal Mile and Georgian Edinburgh.

In the first part, Adam explores the dark past of the historic Old Town. Tales of rough justice, plague and disaster combine with plenty of suggestions for the modern traveller.

In Part Two Adam moves to the New Town, seeing how Edinburgh expanded into an affluent Georgian metropolis to the north of the railway station(?). A cradle of great architects, economists and artisans—but also a few rogues…

This City Guide is the most entertaining way to introduce yourself to the two sides of Scotland's Capital City. You can purchase the DVD by clicking here.