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Releases on DVD

Cadies Productions currently has a small selection of broadcast quality films available. For more details, or to purchase the films on video or DVD, click the images below.

About A Band

About A Band DVD coverThe documentary About A Band features Edinburgh's Columcille Ceilidh Band which includes musicians with learning disabilities.

The filmmakers follow the band playing at a variety of venues in Scotland as well as at workshops for people with learning disabilities.
Interviews with the band members show their working relationship and the creative tensions that exist within any band. The joyous sounds of the ceilidh music are interwoven with these personal tales, giving a true sense of just how important the band is in their lives.

The film includes an interview with Ian McCalman of Scotland's top folk band McCalmans and a sequence in which distinguished Scottish folk musician and composer Phil Cunningham plays with the band at a rehearsal.

About A Band is available on DVD for £7.50 plus £1.00 postage, and can be bought with PayPal or by calling 0131 225 6745.


The Scottish Parliament: Following the Ghost Road (DVD)

The Scottish Parliament: Following the Ghost Road (DVD)The Scottish Parliament: Following the Ghost Road is an accessible and entertaining documentary film that shows a candidate's progress to Election Day.

In an era when the electorate grows more apathetic and cynical towards politics and elections, this 35-minute film shot over 8 years during three Scottish Parliamentary elections is a unique insight into the practicalities of political campaigning.

The film's candidate, a pale-faced ghost known as Adam Lyal, has stood in three consecutive Scottish Parliamentary Elections in 1999, 2003 and 2007. By following a candidate who is not a member of any major party, the film is able to strip away some of the mystique surrounding parliamentary elections.

This documentary goes behind the scenes of the campaign and features unique historic footage of three election-night counts in Edinburgh. It also reveals the unfolding drama of 2007 when an automated count replaced the manual system with far-reaching consequences.

The Scottish Parliament: Following the Ghost Road will engage audiences with the issues in a way that is politically empowering. You can purchase the DVD by PayPal (£7.50 plus £1 postage). DVDs are available in the USA on Amazon. CLICK HERE. Alternatively call (0131) 225 6745 or email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


William McLaren: An Artist Out of Time

William McLaren: An Artist Out of Time DVD coverThis film is the first to document the life and work of the Scottish painter, illustrator and decorative artist, William McLaren.

From humble beginnings in the 1920s in Cardenden, a mining town in Fife, McLaren went on to produce work in some of the finest houses in the UK. His illustrations appeared regularly in the 1950s and 1960s in the BBC's Radio Times. He became a prolific book illustrator and designer of dust jackets for over 150 books. In 1966 a commission to create a series of paintings for Hopetoun House near Edinburgh was the breakthrough for McLaren, leading to decorative commissions in private houses and public buildings where he developed his trompe l'oeil style.

The filmmakers have traced hundreds of works by McLaren and many of these are included in this documentary, together with testimony from those who knew him. He died in 1987, aged 64, leaving behind a range of work that will surprise and delight many people.

William McLaren: An Artist Out of Time is available on DVD for £10 plus £1 postage, and can be bought with PayPal or by calling 0131 225 6745.


Edinburgh City Guide with Adam Lyal (deceased) (DVD)

Edinburgh City Guide with Adam Lyal (deceased) (DVD)This DVD presentation collects together two feature-length volumes of Adam Lyal's (mis)adventures in old Edinburgh, Adam Lyal's Royal Mile and Georgian Edinburgh.

In the first part, Adam explores the dark past of the historic Old Town. Tales of rough justice, plague and disaster combine with plenty of suggestions for the modern traveller.

In Part Two Adam moves to the New Town, seeing how Edinburgh expanded into an affluent Georgian metropolis to the north of the railway station(?). A cradle of great architects, economists and artisans—but also a few rogues…

This City Guide is the most entertaining way to introduce yourself to the two sides of Scotland's Capital City. You can purchase the DVD by clicking here.