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Cadies Productions

Cadies Productions was created in April 2004.

Robin Mitchell, who co-founded Edinburgh's Cadies & Witchery Tours in 1984, is the Director of Cadies Productions.

We have produced the following documentary films:  And So Goodbye (2004, 24 mins), The Rest is Silence (2005, 10 mins), Finding Bob McArthur (2007, 75 mins), Breadmakers (2007, 11 mins), The Scottish Parliament: Following the Ghost Road (2007, 35 mins), William McLaren: An Artist Out of Time (2010, 51 mins), About A Band (2010, 43 mins), A Tale of Two Syrias (2012, 64 mins) and a series of short films for Relationships Scotland (2010-2017) 

We have also worked with Edinburgh Director Keith Bradley on his horror feature Sacrificed (2008, 80 mins) and Jim Hickey's The Dungeon Moor Killings (2009, 80 mins). Our horror comedy The Download Horror (2012, 70 mins) was released in November 2012.

Our play, May I Have The Bill, Please?, was performed as part of the 2015 & 2018 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Our Director Robin Mitchell has written one novel Grave Robbers (Luath Press), the top selling guide book What's Under the Kilt? and the Princess Pumpalot (The Farting Princess) children's books and stage shows. The shows were performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018. A NEW show, Princess Pumpalot: The Ghostly Farting Monk Hunt was performed at Le Monde in George Street during the 2019 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Robin Mitchell's new Princess Pumpalot book entitled Princess Pumpalot: The Super-Farting Bean Mystery was published in July 2017 and he is presently writing a new play with the title, "Title Not Known Yet".

Latest News

Our Stage Manager is a Bean!


We’re thrilled to have the multi-skilled Sabina C. Smith as our Stage Manager for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe run of Princess Pumpalot: The Quest for the Purple Super-Farting Bean at Le Monde in George Street.

Not only is Sabina a multi-talented technician but she also has the perfect nickname for our show and that nickname (drum roll) is BEAN. You couldn’t make it up. Well, you could but sometimes fact is better than fiction.

BEAN has worked in a number of roles in the theatre over the years including as Assistant Stage Manager, Deputy Stage Manager, Stage Manager, Production Manager and with our production - THE BOSS. It would take too long to list Bean’s production credits as she’s worked in Many (many) theatres including the Adam Smith in Kirkcaldy, Edinburgh’s Playhouse, the Traverse Theatre and His Majesty’s Theatre in Aberdeen. She’s also toured extensively in the UK and the rest of Europe.

BEAN is great. She keeps us in check and yes, we will stack the costumes and props boxes in the right place after the show.

Here’s to #Fart2018 and beyond...


Beverley Nichols by William McLaren


The portrait of Beverley Nichols with his cat Santa by William McLaren is to go on display for the first time at the Orleans House Gallery as part of their 'Collection Curiosities' exhibition. This news is relevant to us as we made a documentary film about McLaren in 2010 entitled William McLaren: An Artist Out Of Time.

Many of the exhibits from the Richmond Borough Art Collection have never been shown before, kept hidden from public view – until now. The interactive exhibition asks visitors to comment, query, and share their knowledge about the objects and collections on display. You'll be able to see the Hammersmith ghost, Burton’s human bone necklace, and many more curiosities.

The free exhibition takes place from the 25th August to the 25th November at the Orleans House Gallery, Riverside, Twickenham.

More details HERE: The Orleans House Gallery


Two Shows. Lots of Laughs


Both our shows are now up and running at the 2018 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Princess Pumpalot: The Quest for the Purple Super-Farting Bean and May I have The Bill Please? are on at Venue 47, Le Monde in George Street.


Princess Pumpalot: The Quest for the Purple Super-Farting Bean


May I have The Bill Please?

So it's #Fart2018  and #SettleUp


Princess Pumpalot Teaser (2018)


WATCH the new teaser for for the 2018 Edinburgh Festival Fringe production of

Princess Pumpalot: The Quest for the Purple Super-Farting Bean.


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