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Cadies Productions Ltd

Cadies Productions was created in April 2004.

Robin Mitchell, who co-founded Edinburgh's Cadies & Witchery Tours in 1984, is the Director of Cadies Productions.

We have produced the following documentary films:  And So Goodbye (2004, 24 mins), The Rest is Silence (2005, 10 mins), Finding Bob McArthur (2007, 75 mins), Breadmakers (2007, 11 mins), The Scottish Parliament: Following the Ghost Road (2007, 35 mins), William McLaren: An Artist Out of Time (2010, 51 mins), About A Band (2010, 43 mins), A Tale of Two Syrias (2012, 64 mins) and a series of short films for Relationships Scotland (2010-2017) 

We have also worked with Edinburgh Director Keith Bradley on his horror feature Sacrificed (2008, 80 mins) and Jim Hickey's The Dungeon Moor Killings (2009, 80 mins). Our horror comedy The Download Horror (2012, 70 mins) was released in November 2012.

Our play, May I Have The Bill, Please?, Directed by Liam Rudden, was performed at The Boards, Edinburgh Playhouse as part of the 2015 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. After a successful run, the play returns to the Fringe in 2018, this time at Le Monde in George Street.

Our Director Robin Mitchell has written one novel Grave Robbers (Luath Press), the top selling guide book What's Under the Kilt? and the children's book and stage show, Princess Pumpalot (The Farting Princess (Director Liam Rudden) which was performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. The most recent show, Princess Pumpalot: The Quest for the Purple Super-Farting Bean, was performed at Le Monde in George Street during the 2017 Edinburgh Festival Fringe and will return in August 2018.

Robin Mitchell's new Princess Pumpalot book entitled Princess Pumpalot: The Super-Farting Bean Mystery was published in July 2017 and he is presently writing a new play with the title, "Title Not Known Yet".

Latest News

Best Director AWARD for Yasmin Fedda


A BIG Congratulations to Yasmin Fedda (Breadmakers, A Tale of Two Syrias) on receiving the Black Pearl Award for Best Director from the Arab World at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival (2014) for her film QUEENS Of SYRIA. Great news travels far...

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Book Week Scotland


Princess Pumpalot: The Farting Princess is to be part of Book Week Scotland 2014.

Book Week Scotland is a week-long celebration of books and reading that takes place every November. This year it will take place from Monday 24th – Sunday 30th November 2014.

During Book Week, people of all ages and walks of life will come together in libraries, schools, community venues and workplaces to share and enjoy books and reading. They will be joined in this celebration by Scotland’s authors, poets, playwrights, storytellers and illustrators to bring a packed programme of events and projects to life.

We will be at Mayfield Library on Thursday 27th November 2014 from 11am – 12 noon and Gorebridge Library on Saturday 29th November from 10.30am – 11.30am. More information and booking details from the Scottish Book Trust.



MORE Audience Reviews - Princess Pumpalot 2014



We saw this show with a 4 year old and 6 year old. Absolutely loved it, the children are still talking about the Princess and her farts! There are lots of opportunities for audience participation, it's a real fun show. Great cast. lovely story and fabulous acting. The Princess and Guffy were our favourites. I would thoroughly recommend this show. Caine Max


What an absolute delight! Fantastic show for all Ages extremely Entertaining and an absolute Joy to watch! Princess Pumpalot is a star! 5 stars! Lara Okan


This was a great kids show with a fairytale charm and pantomime humour which is always a hit with the children, we enjoyed the light hearted entertainment and meeting the cast made our day. Karen Cunningham


A great family show! Saw this earlier today with my two daughters who absolutely loved it! They loved the princess and were laughing throughout. The story is well put together and there are plenty of colourful characters; there's a talking giraffe, flying gnomes and much more. It's entertaining for children and adults too and I highly recommend it. The cast were very good and It was well worth our Sunday day out! Gareth Green


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Primary Times - Review of Princess Pumpalot (2014)



We join Princess Pumpalot on her 16th birthday when she discovers she needs to find the magic beans so she can protect the castle from the gnomes and what better way to do this than with farts.

This show follows a pantomime like style encouraging lots of audience participation which was great for keeping young attention spans entertained. It was well and enthusiastically acted and they made a great use of the theatre entering and exiting via the side doors. From a grown-up perspective the majority of the humour revolved around one joke but as my children seem to find this subject endlessly amusing they found this hilarious. Also my son’s face when it was his turn to stand up and try to fart to defeat the gnomes more than overcame this.

My daughter loved the surprisingly realistic giraffe. There is a lovely touch at the end after the show where you can meet the princess which completed my children’s enjoyment.

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