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Home French Toast: Breadmakers in Quebec

French Toast: Breadmakers in Quebec


Breadmakers will be shown at the Quebec International Ethnographic Film Festival.

This internationally renowned ethnographic film festival has moved from being a Montreal based event to one that now spans the province of Quebec. The University of Chicoutimi has joined the festival’s committee, thus reaffirming the success of their annual events devoted to the discipline of visual anthropology.

This year, the FIFEQ is celebrating its fifth anniversary and they will be holding events in Montreal, Quebec City and Chicoutimi on January 25-27 2008. Photography exhibitions, discussion tables and conferences will be presented in order to enhance their wide variety of films chosen for the festival…all of which are free of charge for everyone!


Dedicated to the promotion of ethnographic films, the FIFEQ will screen films created by new filmmakers from both Canada and abroad as well as from renowned figures in the discipline of visual anthropology and the social documentary genre. The festival is both a celebration of the discipline of visual anthropology, as well as a reflection on the debates and ethical issues surrounding the utility and relevance of employing visual media when studying cultures and societies.

This has all been made possible due to the efforts of anthropology students from Concordia University, Universite de Montreal, McGill, University of Laval and the University of Chicoutimi. The FIFEQ creates a forum for professors, professionals, students and others passionate about films and anthropology to watch contemporary ethnographic films on the big screen and in turn to exchange ideas, pose questions and learn more about film media within the domain of the social sciences.