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Canadian Screening for Breadmakers


Breadmakers will be screened at the ReFrame Peterborough International Film Festival, Ontario, Canada, on Saturday 24th January 2009 at 12 noon.

ReFrame celebrates the latest works created by filmmakers from Canada and around the world, selecting films that will develop the viewer’s appreciation for arts and culture in contemporary media.

The 2009 program involves over a hundred community organisations and local businesses. Community group representatives introduce films to help the audience make the connection between what is happening in the film and what is happening locally. Over sixty volunteers from all ages and occupations step forward to make the festival a reality.

Previously known as the Travelling World Community Film Festival, the ReFrame Peterborough International Film Festival takes place between the 23rd and 25th January 2009.


Breadmakers: Mustafa Ali’s Gallery


Yasmin has just sent this message by wire ... well, email.

Breadmakers has been shown at the Mustafa Ali’s Gallery in Damascus. The Gallery, with its various changing exhibitions, is situated in an old house in the Jewish quarter of old Damascus. It was so cold we went into the basement cavern-like bar, which has a bountiful supply of ironwork tables and wooden chairs. The bar was free (not possible in Scotland) and open (very possible in Scotland). We all had a nice time hanging out with the local cats.

About 50 people were at the screening, a mix of Syrian and International artists young and old. I also noticed a couple of fellow filmmakers and a few curious local residents. There was a queue to see Breadmakers, so we screened the film three times. The third viewing included a very special guest – the Indian Ambassador.

The response to the film was overwhelming leading to an informed discussion afterwards. There was a nice comment from an older man, who said, "this film is not just about bread but about humanity and dignity". May I say that his words sum up the whole point of me wanting to make this film.


Breadmakers: The Hollywood Reporter


While Breadmakers Director Yasmin Fedda shoots her new documentary film in Damascus, Breadmakers continues on its remarkable journey around the globe. Future screenings have been arranged in Canada, Greece and back home in Scotland.

The following article about the 'in competition' line up for the Middle East International Film Festival, was written by Steve Brennan of The Hollywood Reporter.


Breadmakers: Microcinéfest 2008


Breadmakers was recently screened at Microcinéfest 2008.

Microcinéfest 2008 is the brainchild of Toronto Cinécycle Martin Heath. At once Meta-Physician, Martin is the veritable Uber Meister Projectionist of mythic proportions, spinner of reels and wheels, stopping at nothing to light up our lives.

Originator of the famous bicycle powered projector, Martin Heath has been one of the most seminal influences in the Canadian film community. For 30 years, he was head of the restoration department of the Toronto International Film Festival.


Breadmakers: Temecula Valley


Breadmakers was screened twice at the 14th Temecula Valley International Film and Music Festival (TVIFF) on Thursday 18th and Saturday 20th September 2008.

Since 1995, the TVIFF has screened over 700 films from over 20 countries. The 2008 line up, featuring over 70 film programs from around the world, was held at the state of the art Movie Experience 10-plex at the Tower Plaza in Temecula, Southern California, USA. The categories showcased were U.S. and International full-length features, short films, student films, documentaries and animation.

The music competition component of TVIFF is designed to showcase the music vision and artistic wizardry of talented individuals and groups from across America and the world. The Festival is presented by Cinema Entertainment Alliance, a non-profit arts and education organisation dedicated to celebrating world cinema and music.


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