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Breadmakers heads to Abu Dhabi


Breadmakers will be shown at The Middle East International Film Festival – Abu Dhabi (MEIFF) which takes place between the 10th – 19th October 2008.

MEIFF is a celebration of cinema, dedicated to bringing a diverse slate of international films to the community and to introducing filmmakers from around the world to the region.

With an extended ten-day festival in 2008, MEIFF will showcase more films, and with a number of editions to programming sections and the prestigious Black Pearl Awards, the festival will honour and bring together talented filmmakers with experienced film executives from all over the world.


DokumentArt European Film Festival


Breadmakers will be screened at 17th dokumentArt European Film Festival between 17–22 October 2008.

The festival programme will be shown at the same time in Neubrandenburg in Germany and in Szczecin in Poland. Selected films are also screened in various different towns in the region.

The five members of German-Polish program commission for the festival selected 43 films from 19 countries for the competition of this year. Over 300 films were submitted. The commission selected eight further films for a special Eastern Europe program.


Breadmakers Return to Finland


Breadmakers will be screened by the North Karelian Regional Film Association at a small free event for disabled people in Joensuu, Finland, on the 19th September 2008.

Breadmakers was previously screened at the seventh annual International Festival of Visual Culture (Viscult), Joensuu, in 2007 when the main theme was "Daily Bread".

Director Yasmin Fedda was suitably delighted with yet another screening of Breadmakers. "The journey of our film is amazing. I’m so pleased it continues to be shown around the world".


Breadmakers: Milano Film Festival


Breadmakers has been selected for the Special Section of the Milano Film Festival (2008) called Vite (R)esistenti / (Un)common people.

This special section will feature a selection of biographical documentaries: films depicting life-long struggles against hostile environments, suspicious governments, and absorbing, annihilating memories. Stories otherwise left untold, that manage to represent countries through the lives of their citizens.

The festival aims at giving an insight into the lives of extraordinary people, on which young, talented filmmakers have focussed their attention and cameras. Once again, in spite of lacking instruments, they have managed to concentrate on people's lives and bring them to the attention of the most important festivals worldwide.

The Milano Film Festival takes place from the 12th – 21st September 2008.


Breadmakers: Planet in Focus


Breadmakers will be shown at the 9th annual Planet in Focus International Environmental Film and Video Festival, which takes place in Toronto between the 22nd and 26th October 2008.

Planet in Focus promotes and showcases outstanding and compelling films and videos in all forms (documentary, drama, animation, experimental, new media), focusing on environmental themes and subjects by Canadian and international filmmakers.

Throughout the year and at their annual festival, Planet in Focus use environmental artistic expression as a catalyst for public awareness, discussion and appropriate action on the ecological and social health of the planet.


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