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Breadmakers: Cromarty Film Festival


Breadmakers will be screened at 2009 Cromarty Film Festival.

The Festival has an intriguing programme that combines both classic film with special guests' favourites.

The special guests include leading film directors Paul McGuigan and Gillies McKinnon. Actors Paul Riley and Sanjeev Kohli. Musicians Ricky Ross and Lorraine McIntosh. Film producer Andrea Calderwood and politician Charles Kennedy MP.

From its position at the tip of Scotland's Black Isle, Cromarty is both a destination and a jumping-off point.


Breadmakers continues its travels with DOXITA


DOXITA is a travelling festival of documentary films that are under 40 minutes in length. The program, comprised of approximately two hours of film, represents a wide variety of documentary – domestic and foreign, super-short and longer format, serious and funny. It is designed to profile the great content and artistic vision that non-fiction short films provide, but that people don’t often get a chance to see.

Up and coming screenings of Breadmakers:

  • Sept 18: IFC Center, New York, NY, USA
  • Sept 21: NC State, Raleigh, NC, USA
  • Sept 25-6 : Oklahoma City Museum of Art, Oklahoma City, USA
  • Sept 30: Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA, USA

The Antigonish International Film Festival


Breadmakers will be screened at The Antigonish International Film Festival on Saturday October 24, 2009 at 10:50 am.

The Antigonish International Film Festival is run by a broad coalition of passionate volunteers from various Antigonish and St. Francis Xavier University communities who seek to foster awareness of development issues and the links between local and global concerns.

The festival’s aim is to showcase documentary films made and directed by independent filmmakers from the local community, across Canada and around the world.


Breadmakers: Normal Film Festival


Breadmakers has been selected for The Normal Festival which takes place in Prague, Czech Republic, from the 4th to 7th November 2009.

This is an annual festival promoting cultural expressions in film, theatre and visual art of people with learning disabilities, as well as showing films and documentaries about them. The festival is organized by Inventura, an organisation working on the inclusion of people with learning disabilities through mainly film, art and theatre.


Breadmakers: The Way We Live


Breadmakers has been selected for the 7th International Short Film Festival “Wie wir leben!" (The Way We Live). The festival takes place in Munich from the 4th - 7th of November 2009.

“Wie wir leben!" received 300 entries from 41 countries with Breadmakers amongst the 26 films selected. It will be screened on Wednesday 4th November 2009 at 6pm at the Filmmuseum München with Breadmakers Director Yasmin Fedda and a member from the Garvald bakery in attendance to answer any questions.

Since 1995 "The Way We Live!" has been presenting authentic and controversial short films about the life and experience of people with disabilities and chronic or mental illnesses.


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