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13th International Festival of Ethnographic Film


A Tale of Two Syrias (Dir. Yasmin Fedda) is to be screened in Edinburgh on Friday 14th June (15.15) as part of the 13th International Festival of Ethnographic Film.

The festival will be held from Thursday 13 June to Sunday 16 June 2013 in Edinburgh, hosted by National Museums Scotland and the STAR consortium. Scottish Training in Anthropological Research (STAR) is a collaboration between the Universities of Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh and St. Andrews. Over 60 new films will be screened alongside a conference ‘New Observations’ and a selection of special events and workshop about art & anthropology and the use of archival film.

A special objective of the 13th edition is to bring together not only academic anthropologists and professional film-makers from all over the world, but also scholars and experts, and members of the public, particularly from Edinburgh, Aberdeen and St. Andrews, Scotland.

The RAI Film Festival is held in collaboration with the Centre for Visual Anthropology, University of Southern California.


The Sundance Collection at UCLA


Our documentary Breadmakers (Director Yasmin Fedda) has been added to the Sundance Collection at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

The Sundance Collection at UCLA was established in 1997 in order to provide long-term access to independent film production. It’s a joint effort between the UCLA Film & Television Archive and the Sundance Institute.

The Sundance Collection at UCLA underscores the importance of independent production while recognising that such films are at much greater risk of disappearing from the public sphere than larger budget, studio-based cinema.

Breadmakers was originally screened at the Sundance Film Festival in 2008.


The Download Horror (Review)


This was a short review of The Download Horror by Ryan McNeely which appeared in The Edinburgh Reporter after our screening in Edinburgh at The Bootleg Film Festival.

The light among this darkness was ably supplied by Jim Hickey’s hilarious The Download Horror. Inspired by cult US series Mystery Science Theatre 3000, this flick featured the voices of producers Robin Mitchell and Keith Bradley as Robbo and Dougie, two typical Scottish guys passing comments as they watched the latest movie their pal Big Al had downloaded for them. The source of this merriment was Sacrificed, a film Bradley himself had directed a few years ago but had been ultimately disappointed with. Personally, I really hope these three turn this into a regular series. I can’t wait for the further adventures of Dougie and Robbo and their big bag of crisps.


Film Middle East Now


A Tale of Two Syrias will be screened as part of the Middle East Now Film Festival in Florence, Italy on Saturday 6th April 2013.

Middle East Now is the only event in Italy dedicated to the contemporary Middle East and North Africa with the aim of highlighting the culture and identity of the countries of this part of the world and bringing them to the attention of the Italian public, overcoming stereotypes that often come out from the international mass media.

The Festival, which runs in Florence from 3rd - 8th April 2013, is also enriched by exhibitions of photography, visual arts, painting, sculpture, debates and presentations of books, with the intention of presenting the complexity of cultural and artistic expression.

More details here about Film Middle East Now.



Breadmakers at The Sprout Touring Film Festival


Breadmakers is to be screened as part of the 2013 Sprout Touring Film Festival at The Society for Handicapped Citizens of Medina County (SHC). The film was previously shown at the 9th Sprout Film Festival, New York in May 2011.

The Sprout Film Festival was founded in 2003 and is programmed and supported by Sprout, a NYC-based non-profit organization, dedicated to bringing innovative programming to people with developmental disabilities. Sprout has been making videos related to the field of developmental disabilities since 1995 and has witnessed the myriad benefits these videos have for this population and the general public.

In 2006 the Sprout Touring Festival was founded, enabling agencies throughout the US and Canada to design their own film festival. Sproutflix, a site offering films from our festival to be purchased was created in 2009.

Breadmakers will be screened on Saturday 16th March 2013 between 3.30pm and 7pm at Highland High School Auditorium, Medina, Ohio, USA.


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