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Audience Reviews Princess Pumpalot 2014



Brilliant show for young children - and adults! My four year olds laughed the whole way through at fart jokes and enjoyed the audience participation that is similar to that of a traditional pantomime. The cast were excellent and we appreciated the Princess coming out to have her photo taken in the foyer at the end. Highly recommend!


It's hard to judge children's shows as an adult, all you have to go on is the reaction of the kids. With this one, apparently, it's a resounding success. Laughing throughout, pretend farting a bit too much for my liking and enjoying the silliness, which is all part of the show. As an adult I can tell you that this show has a cast that do their roles well, don't over do the "playing to the adults" stuff, and make the hour go by happily and you just get swept along by the enjoyment of youngsters. 5 stars (though they'd want farts)


Back over to Edinburgh today to take in a rather high brow, contemporary play at the festival. All about a fictitious Royal Family with a kind of dysfunctional Princess daughter. Won't give too much of the plot away as this may spoil the fun of the twist at the end......not quite Harold Pinter, or the suspense of Agatha Christie, but well worth taking this in if you get the chance (we even got to meet the cast at the end, and I had the pleasure of getting a huge hug from The Queen aka Donna Hazelton. Princess Pumpalot! ......... IT ROCKS!

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Edinburgh Festival Fringe Review Princess Pumpalot ***


3-STAR Review of the 2014 Princess Pumpalot show by The Edinburgh Guide.

If there are any children who don’t love a good fart joke, I certainly haven’t met them. Princess Pumpalot, her royal parents, and her loyal servant Guffy know the many ins-and-outs of a good fart, so to speak.

Who knew that a fart was a powerful defense against a low-flying gnome invasion? Or that it was a right-of-passage for 16-year-old princesses? These and other charming discoveries carry the audience along on this fast-paced romp through one royal family’s strange traditions.

Audience participation comes in the panto tradition, along with call-and-response and quasi-fart-making en masse.

Princess Pumpalot is a likeable, spunky character but while the story avoids some fairytale tropes, it doesn’t quite resist the damsel-in-distress and happily-every-after via a handsome dance partner ending.

A solid, colourful production.

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Edinburgh Festival Fringe Review Princess Pumpalot *****


5-STAR Review of the 2014 Princess Pumpalot show by The Edinburgh Reporter.

Princess Pumpalot-The Farting Princess to give the show its full title is a great piece of pantomime for the Edinburgh Fringe.

Starting life off as a book it is a good fun read by brilliant writer Robin Mitchell. My children love the book and my 12 year-old daughter was really eager to see the show, so tickets bought we headed to the Freemason’s Hall in George Street to see the stage show.

We sat and laughed lot throughout. There is a fabulous cast who really engage with the audience. You can’t help but join in.

The story is about the Princess (played fantastically by the wonderful Lindsay Lee Wilson) who on her 16th birthday is given access to a cabinet full of beans which make her… well you can imagine!……and this power would help her protect the kingdom of Wiffyville from Low Flying Gnomes. The King is played grandly by Edward Croy, a Diva Queen played brilliantly by Donna Hazelton, servant Guffy magically brought to life by Philip Kingscott, Prince Niceavia portrayed by Eric Murdoch, Prince Nastavia played nastily by Blair Grandison and Geoffrey the Giraffe played largely by Scott Postlethwaite. There are other characters like the Bearded Witch and FAQ to whom the Princess must address the right questions.

All in all a brilliant production written by Robin Mitchell and directed by Liam Rudden this is a show for anyone from 4 to 94 and will have you laughing and quite possibly farting all the way – a totally trumping triumph.

A massive 5 stars from my Daughter and myself for this show. Go and see it!

Runs from 31st July-24th August (not 12th August) at The New Town Theatre, Freemasons Hall, George Street ticket prices £9-£11

Find the Princess on Twitter @ppumpalot or on Facebook or

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Cast Announcement


The cast has been announced for the 2014 Edinburgh Festival Fringe production of Princess Pumpalot: The Farting Princess at the New Town Theatre.

The show takes place daily at 11.30am from 31st July - 24th August (not 12th).

Princess Pumpalot - Lindsey Lee Wilson

Guffy - Philip Kingscott

The Queen - Donna Hazelton

The King - Edward Cory

Prince Niceavia - Eric Murdoch

Prince Nastavia - Blair Grandison

FAQ - Cameron Pirie

Low-Flying Gnome - Scott Postlethwaite

You can find out more details of the cast on the Princess Pumpalot Website.

Buy TICKETS to the show.

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Going Underground


Our short film Breadmakers (Dir. Yasmin Fedda) is to be screened in the London Underground as part of a season of films to spotlight the diverse talents of women filmmakers.

Breadmakers will be part of a 50-minute programme co-produced by Art on the Underground and Birds Eye View Film Festival. The films will be shown on a loop on a large screen in the concourse of Canary Wharf Underground station from 19th June to 16th July 2014.

Canary Wharf Screen is an innovative motion-picture screening programme initiated by Art on the Underground. The screen first launched in 2012 and Birds Eye View is programming its season 8, which is entitled: FemaleVisions: Past, Present and Future.

Art on the Underground (AOTU), which is part of London Underground, provides a world-class programme of contemporary art that enriches the Tube environment and customers journey experience; and continues the longstanding tradition that excellent art and design is at the core of London Underground's identity and services.

The BAFTA nominated Breadmakers was filmed in 2007 at an unique Edinburgh bakery where a community of workers with learning disabilities make a variety of organic breads for daily delivery to shops and cafes in the city.



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