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A Tale Of Two Syrias

The Religion Today Film Festival


A Tale of Two Syrias is to be screened at The Religion Today Film Festival in Trento, Italy.

The Religion Today Film Festival aims to contribute to the diffusion and distribution of religious films to encourage cultural and spiritual development. It promotes, through the medium of cinema, a culture of dialogue and peace among religions, beginning with recognition of our differences. The Festival also creates opportunities for filmmakers and people working in the communications media of different cultures and religions to meet and share ideas.

The 16th Religion Today Film Festival takes place in Trento, Italy (and other Italian cities) between 11th and 22nd October 2013.




A Tale of Two Syrias to be screened in Mexico


A Tale of Two Syrias (Dir. Yasmin Fedda, 64 mins) is to be screened at the BorDocs Documentary Film Festival in Tijuana, Mexico. The festival takes place between 6th and 14th September 2013.

BorDocs is a pioneering space for education as well as film and video documentary film in Northwestern Mexico. BorDocs emerged in 2003 and established itself as the first festival in Mexico that specialised in a non-fiction genre, and is the only forum of its type in Northern Mexico and the Southern United States.

A Tale of Two Syrias has now been screened at the following Film Festivals: Glasgow Film Festival (UK 2013), Sguardi Altrove (Italy 2013), Birds Eye View (UK 2013), Middle East Now (Italy 2013) and RAI Film Festival (UK 2013).


The Spark: A Tale of Two Syrias


A Tale of Two Syrias (Director: Yasmin Fedda) will be screened at The Spark in London on Monday 10th June.

The Spark is a week packed with film, discussion, music and workshops from 10 - 15 June 2013. It’s a chance for people to get together, share skills and strengthen movements for economic and social justice. This event takes place the week before the G8 meeting in the UK.

A Tale of Two Syrias will be screened on Monday 10th June at 7pm at The Spark, Blackfriars Hub, 58 Victoria Embankment, London, EC4Y 0DS. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with Director Yasmin Fedda.

In the afternoon (2pm-5pm) there will be a Master class with Director Yasmin Fedda. In this master class, short documentaries, and excerpts from longer ones will be screened to look at the variety of creative methods used to make engaging films. To discuss whether it is not just the message but also the approach that is important.


13th International Festival of Ethnographic Film


A Tale of Two Syrias (Dir. Yasmin Fedda) is to be screened in Edinburgh on Friday 14th June (15.15) as part of the 13th International Festival of Ethnographic Film.

The festival will be held from Thursday 13 June to Sunday 16 June 2013 in Edinburgh, hosted by National Museums Scotland and the STAR consortium. Scottish Training in Anthropological Research (STAR) is a collaboration between the Universities of Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh and St. Andrews. Over 60 new films will be screened alongside a conference ‘New Observations’ and a selection of special events and workshop about art & anthropology and the use of archival film.

A special objective of the 13th edition is to bring together not only academic anthropologists and professional film-makers from all over the world, but also scholars and experts, and members of the public, particularly from Edinburgh, Aberdeen and St. Andrews, Scotland.

The RAI Film Festival is held in collaboration with the Centre for Visual Anthropology, University of Southern California.


Al-Quds University Screening


A Tale of Two Syrias is to be screened at The Institute of Modern Media (IMM) at Al-Quds University on Sunday 14th April 2013.

The Institute of Modern Media was founded in 1996. It is both the media arm of Al-Quds University, where it combines the professional with the academic, and an important part of the Palestinian community and media presence. IMM has bases in Ramallah/al-Bireh as well as in the heart of the Old City of Jerusalem.

Al-Quds University is a Palestinian University founded in 1984, it educates approximately 13,000 undergraduates and 2,000 graduate students each year. Al-Quds (“Jerusalem”) University is the only Arab university in Jerusalem.  It is of enormous importance in the shaping of the Palestinian society of the the future.

More details here about The Institute of Modern Media.


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