World Premiere: A Tale Of Two Syrias

Monday, 28 January 2013 13:39 by Robin Mitchell in News

A TALE OF TWO SYRIAS receives its world premiere at Glasgow Film Festival in February.

A TALE OF TWO SYRIAS is a snapshot of life before Syria’s uprising began, seen through the lives of two people; Salem, an Iraqi fashion designer in Damascus and Botrous, a monk who lives a remote existence in a hillside monastery. The documentary offers a perspective on their dreams for a better life and the meaning of freedom in the face of a brutal regime.

Director Yasmin Fedda said, "On one of my regular visits to Damascus, my grandmother took me to the monastery at Mar Musa where I met Botrous. I became fascinated by his story and his community. I then met Salem who was struggling as a refugee in the city. Their contrasting lives and their willingness to talk on camera gave me the perfect opportunity to document their experiences of life in Syria."

A TALE OF TWO SYRIAS (64 mins) will be screened at GFT2 on Saturday 16th February at 1.15pm. There will be a Q&A after the screening with Yasmin. Tickets available from The Glasgow Film Festival.

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