Breadmakers: Mustafa Ali’s Gallery

Wednesday, 17 December 2008 19:24 by Robin Mitchell in News

Yasmin has just sent this message by wire ... well, email.

Breadmakers has been shown at the Mustafa Ali’s Gallery in Damascus. The Gallery, with its various changing exhibitions, is situated in an old house in the Jewish quarter of old Damascus. It was so cold we went into the basement cavern-like bar, which has a bountiful supply of ironwork tables and wooden chairs. The bar was free (not possible in Scotland) and open (very possible in Scotland). We all had a nice time hanging out with the local cats.

About 50 people were at the screening, a mix of Syrian and International artists young and old. I also noticed a couple of fellow filmmakers and a few curious local residents. There was a queue to see Breadmakers, so we screened the film three times. The third viewing included a very special guest – the Indian Ambassador.

The response to the film was overwhelming leading to an informed discussion afterwards. There was a nice comment from an older man, who said, "this film is not just about bread but about humanity and dignity". May I say that his words sum up the whole point of me wanting to make this film.

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